2020-2021 Annual Report

Transforming the Bronx through the Bronx Rising Initiative

What happened so far

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that the Bronx, New York City’s most underserved borough, would become the epicenter of the epicenter of the outbreak. To support our community through the pandemic and recovery, the Oyate Group formed the Bronx Rising Initiative aimed at counteracting COVID-19’s negative effects on the borough.

Our Impact

Addressing areas of need across the Bronx. Leaving a lasting impact on our community.

Through the Bronx Rising Initiative, the Oyate Group has increased ICU bed capacity, provided grants for small businesses, fought food insecurity, provided scholarships for local youth, increased trust in the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccinated over 15,000 Bronxites.


Small Business

Food Insecurity

Youth Scholarships

Bronx Rising Initiative

The Bronx Rising Initiative is an organization dedicated to providing and distributing critical resources across the Bronx in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s disproportionate impact on the borough.
Founded in March of 2020 by Tomas Ramos and powered by the Oyate Group – a nonprofit organization with the mission to alleviate poverty by creating sustainable and holistic solutions that empower underserved communities all across New York City –the Bronx Rising Initiative works to create access to healthcare, alleviate hunger, invest in the growth of small businesses and inspire youth to better themselves and their borough.



The Bronx Rising Initiative aims to address the healthcare disparities and lack of access to care that negatively affect the Bronx community.

To support the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative secured over $3M in funding for Bronx-based medical organizations, such as Morris Heights Health Center, Urban Health Plan​, St. Barnabas​ Hospital, and BronxCare Health System, to acquire supplies, provide adequate staffing, purchase tents, and transition their facilities’ existing spaces into intensive care units for those that are critically ill with COVID-19. BRI also launched a vaccination initiative, financially supporting clinics in the community, vaccinating seniors in NYCHA housing and fighting disinformation. Through our efforts, we have successfully vaccinated over 15,000 Bronxites and built community trust in the vaccine.

Taking actions to save lives!
“Since the moment we launched, saving people’s lives has been our number one priority. We have heard from doctors, hospital administrators, and families that the $3 million and 20,000 N95 masks that the Bronx Rising Initiative was able to secure for St. Barnabas and Bronx Care Health Systems have made a significant impact on their ability to provide quality care during these difficult times. We are immensely proud of that fact, and we are determined to do more. This is the worst public health crisis in our history, and it is hitting our Bronx community harder than most places in the world. Now more than ever, our community needs help. Our federal government is not doing enough for us, so BRI will continue to secure resources that help support the organizations that are working on the front lines.

We will get through this together!”

— Tomas Ramos

Founder of the Bronx Rising Initiative


Alleviate Hunger

The Bronx Rising Initiative was launched to alleviate food insecurity within the Bronx for senior citizens and families who are struggling, either due to COVID-19 or other circumstances. Access to quality meals is a form of racial justice.

The initiative has already secured over $100,000 for efforts that have included partnering with multiple 501(c)(3)s and Bronx-based businesses that are working on the front lines to end hunger in The Bronx. We work with these partners to secure funding to distribute and deliver food or provide gift cards to local supermarkets.

Our work is ongoing, and we are interested in working with nonprofits that will be able to increase capacity with the received financial contributions and expand food relief services for every Bronxite that is in need through the most efficient and effective means possible.

Our Projects

Children's Arts & Science Workshops

Dominican Bar Association

Graham Windham

Freedom Youth Family Justice Center

Supporting our community
organizations on the frontlines!

“Our team has worked with various nonprofits in different capacities over the years; we know the hardships they deal with each day, and we know they are undoubtedly going through the most trying of times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their funding continues to be cut, and now more than ever, they need our help to stay operational. The Bronx Rising Initiative was founded to help uplift and support the community, and that means supporting the organizations that help and uplift us every day.”

— Tomas Ramos

Founder of the Bronx Rising Initiative


Invest in the growth of small businesses

The Bronx Rising Initiative is dedicated to ensuring the financial empowerment and economic security of our borough through supporting the local small business community.

The Bronx Rising Initiative has secured and distributed over $200,000 in grant funding to Bronx-based small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and looting. Grants have ranged from $2,500 to $15,000 and focus on alleviating the economic hardships that have prevented establishments from reopening or that threaten to destroy the businesses that uplift Bronxites each day.

Supporting the Bronx means supporting our small businesses

Bottle Bronx
Fiesta Cafe
Joe’s Little Italy Pizza

Lovely Beauty Supply

and many others!

“Small business owners are the foundation of our community and we must protect them before it is too late. It’s important that we get this critical funding directly into the hands of the business owners as quickly as possible. We cannot turn our back on the economic drivers of our community or we all will fall prey to corporate takeovers. The Bronx Rising Initiative will continue to fight to secure additional resources so we can ensure that our small businesses do not fail.”

— Tomas Ramos

Founder of the Bronx Rising Initiative


Inspire youth

Our youth needs more resources to thrive!

The Bronx Rising Initiative believes that to uplift our community we must focus on the most vulnerable in our community – that includes our youth.

We work to secure needed resources for local youth to empower them to take positive steps in their life by identifying resources to give directly to our college-bound young people and supporting diverse and dynamic youth programming opportunities.

Brandon Hendricks Scholarship

In 2020, the Bronx Rising Initiative (BRI) launched the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship in honor of a rising star from our community that was killed by senseless gun violence on June 29th, 2020. Brandon Hendricks was a consistent source of hope and inspiration for everyone that knew him and had recently been accepted to college with a full scholarship.

To honor Brandon’s life, our organization offers financial scholarships in his name to multiple high school seniors from The Bronx that have recently been admitted to college.

The annual scholarship offers youth the opportunity to apply each spring, with winners announced in the summer.

Our Partners

The Oyate Group is proud to work with some of the most trusted and impactful organizations in the Bronx. Only through these partnerships have we been able to successfully reach those in need and provide the critical resources and services that are propelling the borough towards its recovery.

Non-profit organizations

Childrens Arts & Science Workshops


Catholic Charities/Wavecrest



Catholic Charities/Fordham-Bedford Housing Corp.

Acacia Network


Claremont Neighborhood Centers

Kips Bay Castle Hill

Catholic Charities/Highbridge Community Development Coorporation

Mott Haven Charter School/The New York Foundling

Comp Sci HS


Matters of Sports

Legacy Volleyball

Bharati Foundation

Centro Cultural y Deportivo

Hoops in the Sun


Small businesses

MR. Barbershop

Bottle Bronx

Fiesta Cafe Bar

GLO by Bella

Joe’s Little Italy

M. Sports Wear

Acacia Network

Matthew’s Furniture S&M Electronics

Lovely Beauty Supply & Salon

Phones Club Inc.

El Valle Tipico

Hermanos Diaz

Bronx Drafthouse

Le Beaute Nails Salon Bronx

Marga Pharmacy

Havana Café

Bronx Optical Center

Citywide Events Corp

Moecell LLC


Sneaker Plaza

Metro PCS

Beverly Hills Furniture

Concord Pharmacy

NYC Action Lab

Medical Partners

Morris Height Health Center

VIP Community Services


Bringing our city’s abundant resources into the Bronx.

The Oyate Group’s mission is to alleviate poverty by bringing critical resources from our city to communities in need. We are privately funded by generous individuals who understand the complex problems facing our city. Thanks to their support and commitment to redistributing resources across our communities, we have contributed over $2M and facilitated an additional $3M to supporting the Bronx through COVID-19.

Sustain our mission.

Join us in tackling the most pressing issues facing our communities. Through your support, the Oyate Group can continue to alleviate poverty and create sustainable and holistic solutions that empower underserved communities all across New York City.