Beyond Rising

Beyond Rising is a paid internship program for undocumented youth in New York City run by Oyate Group. Aimed at combating cycles of underemployment and poverty in immigrant communities, the internship program provides undocumented youth the paid opportunity to gain college career readiness skills.

Launched in 2022, Beyond Rising places participating high schoolers in administrative offices at local colleges and universities and offers them additional enrichment activities at Oyate Group’s offices including art projects, mentoring, skills training, resume prep, college visits and field trips and more. Participants receive a stipend from Oyate Group for the entirety of the program. The program runs throughout the year, with summer and school-year cohorts.

Beyond Rising

Program Overview

Building on the success of the inaugural Summer 2022 Program, the Beyond Rising Internship has proven effective in empowering participants, known as Beyond Rising Fellows, with essential skills, confidence, and professional networks. Regardless of race, socioeconomic background, or immigration status, the program, developed in collaboration with Fordham University and Lehman College, has expanded to offer two distinct cohorts:

Summer Cohort

  • Applications Open: February 13th
  • Applications Close: April 5th

  • Program runs: July 8th to August 9th

  • Targets undocumented youth aged 16-20.

  • Six-week program offering 30 hours of work per week.
  • Participants receive a weekly stipend of $500 via VISA gift cards.

Academic School Year Cohort

  • Program Ends: May 24th

  • Applications Open: TBD

  • Program runs: Mid-Fall to May

  • Targets undocumented youth aged 16-20.
  • Part-time employment with 10-12 hours per week.

  • Participants receive a monthly stipend of $500 via VISA gift cards.

Program Details

Program Objectives:

The Beyond Rising Internship aims to provide skill training and career mentorship to a historically marginalized group. It focuses on workforce development, financial empowerment, and access to higher education for undocumented youth.

Selection Process:
Candidates respond to a set of questions on the electronic application. If their application is deemed eligible, they will proceed to the second round, which involves a video-conference interview. Final selections are based on application and the electronic interview to determine compatibility with the program.

Participants commit to weekly workloads, maintain attendance, adhere to workplace regulations, and meet deadlines. A positive demeanor and adherence to safety protocols are mandatory.

Placement Opportunities

Fordham University
Lehman College
Hostos College
Mexican Studies Institute
Her Migrant Club
Word Up
Center Educational Equity
TASC Group
Cambio Labs

Support Systems

Oyate staff provide on-site coaching, and participants engage in enrichment activities, including journaling and therapeutic art. Training sessions held at Oyate offices enhance job readiness skills throughout the academic year.The Beyond Rising Internship is committed to breaking barriers and fostering a pathway to success for a diverse group of youth, contributing to their personal growth and long-term prosperity.


Arts Engagement

Exercise in creative express

Field Trips

Exploring NYC and surrounding areas

Project Based Learning

Learning new skills and gaining practical experience