Published On: July 9, 20216.2 min read136 words

Brandon Hendricks Scholarship Winners Announced


At a heartfelt event celebrating the life of Brandon Hendricks, a shining star tragically lost to gun violence on June 29, 2020, the Bronx Rising Initiative awarded the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship to 10 outstanding young women from the Bronx community. The scholarship, valued at $5,000, was established in partnership with Brandon’s family to honor his memory and empower his peers. The recipients, who were announced on Brandon’s birthday during a street co-naming ceremony, are all remarkable graduates from Bronx high schools with diverse aspirations for their college studies and future careers. From pursuing fields like business administration, music performance, and biology to filmmaking, sports management, and healthcare, these talented young women are determined to make a positive impact on their community and beyond, carrying forward Brandon’s legacy of hope and inspiration.

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