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Armas Por Juguetes

NUEVA YORK El senador estatal Robert Jackson, el Grupo Oyate y la Fiscalía de Manhattan han anunciado un programa de recompra de armas en el distrito 31 del Alto Manhattan. Ofrecerán $500 por cada pistola, revolver o rifle de asalto operable, $150 por una escopeta, y $50 por pistolas ...

2023-12-08T17:39:09-05:00March 4, 2022|

Community center turns into pop-up vaccine site for NYCHA tenants

 News 12 Staff As part of the Bronx Rising Initiative, a local community center in the Bronx transformed into a pop-up vaccine site to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for NYCHA tenants aged 64 years and older. The Morris Heights Health Center administered the Moderna shots, aiming to increase vaccine access for ...

2023-07-17T19:16:52-04:00January 27, 2022|

70 Guns Turned in at Wakefield Gun Buyback Event Honoring Brandon Hendricks

NORWOOD NEWS A successful gun buyback event was held in the Wakefield section of the Bronx on December 18, 2021, organized as part of the "A Mother’5 Promi5e" program, founded by Eve Hendricks in honor of her son, Brandon Hendricks, a rising basketball star who was tragically shot and killed ...

2023-07-18T12:17:09-04:00December 30, 2021|

Bronx hails gun buyback program a success: ‘I’m glad people listened’

PIX 11 NEWS A gun buyback program in the Bronx was deemed a success after 75 illegal guns were turned in during the event. The initiative, organized by A Mother's Promise in collaboration with the nonprofit Bronx Rising Initiative, offered a $500 gift certificate to individuals who surrendered five guns, ...

2023-07-18T12:30:48-04:00December 18, 2021|

Uptown Rising Initiative Partners with NY State Senator Robert Jackson

HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER The Bronx Rising Initiative was founded in 2020 by Tomas Ramos and backed by the Oyate Group as a response to the pandemic. The initiative aims to provide critical resources to the Bronx community through different phases, including healthcare, hunger alleviation, support for small businesses, and ...

2023-12-08T17:50:22-05:00December 16, 2021|

Food Pantries, Turkey Drives Becoming Essential For Hungry Families in South Bronx

BRONX TIMES Food insecurity is a critical issue in the South Bronx, with 1 in 5 residents experiencing it, the highest rate in the nation. Community groups and elected officials have been conducting food drives and turkey giveaways to help families during Thanksgiving. Despite these efforts, food pantries are facing ...

2023-07-18T12:44:27-04:00December 2, 2021|

Bronx Health Today

This week's BronxTalk features a discussion on Bronx health, COVID infections, vaccination rates, and the importance of training doctors of color to increase patient comfort with expert medical advice.

2023-06-01T15:58:59-04:00November 1, 2021|

Bronx Food Delivery Program Holds Event For Seniors, NYCHA Residents

BLACK STAR NEWS The Bronx Rising Initiative, a program of the nonprofit Oyate Group, is dedicated to providing critical resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic's disproportionate impact on the Bronx. The initiative has been successful in vaccinating over 20,000 people across the borough through various efforts, including door-to-door outreach ...

2023-07-18T12:56:03-04:00October 8, 2021|

Foundations Aim to Persuade Americans to Get Vaccinated Philanthropies are investing millions of dollars into programs aimed at persuading vaccine-hesitant Americans to get their COVID-19 shots. The CDC Foundation, supported by private donors, has provided $32.7 million to over 150 community-based organizations across 38 states since June to promote vaccination. While conversations with family and friends have ...

2023-07-18T13:10:43-04:00October 1, 2021|
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