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City Hall Focuses on Bronx Week


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked off borough week at Bronx Borough Hall, aiming to bring attention to the Bronx and address its specific challenges. Despite significant progress in the city’s overall vaccination campaign, the Bronx continues to have low vaccination rates. To combat this, the Bronx Rising Initiative (BRI), led by the Oyate Group and founded by Tomas Ramos, has been actively working to increase vaccination access in underserved communities. BRI has secured substantial funding, close to $2.3 million, which has been utilized to support vaccination efforts. They have partnered with local clinics like Morris Heights Health Center and VIP Community Services to provide vaccines to individuals who may face barriers in accessing online registration systems. BRI has successfully administered over 15,000 vaccinations and has been targeting specific locations in the Bronx, such as Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse, with pop-up vaccination sites and mobile vans. Offering a $50 incentive per shot, they are working to engage Bronx residents and address the borough’s unique healthcare challenges.

During borough week, Mayor de Blasio plans to introduce various initiatives, including new housing developments, universal broadband access, resource fairs, and voter registration tables. Elected officials such as U.S. Representative Ritchie Torres, State Senator Jamaal Bailey, Council member Ben Kallos, and Borough President-elect Vanessa L. Gibson will join the effort to gather community concerns and feedback directly. The aim is to foster engagement and empower Bronx residents by addressing their specific needs and challenges. By focusing on the Bronx and providing accessible vaccination options, along with a range of initiatives, borough week aims to uplift the community and bring attention to its strengths and potential.

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