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COVID-19 Delta Variant Spotlights Vaccine Hesitancy in the Bronx Once Again


As of July 10, 2023, the Bronx continues to have the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated adults compared to other New York City boroughs, with only 43% of adults fully vaccinated. This has raised concerns among health experts, especially with the emergence of the highly infectious COVID-19 Delta variant. The Bronx was once the pandemic’s epicenter, experiencing high infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19. Now, with the Delta variant posing a new threat, there are fears of another deadly spike in cases, particularly in communities with low vaccination rates and among the vaccine-hesitant.

Efforts to increase vaccination rates in the Bronx have included pop-up vaccination sites and door-to-door outreach by organizations like Bronx Rising Initiative. Building trust within the community is seen as crucial to overcoming vaccine hesitancy in the long term. However, some are worried that with the city reopening, people may become lax in taking safety measures, such as hand-washing and mask-wearing, especially in areas with low vaccination rates. To prevent further outbreaks and protect vulnerable populations, increasing vaccination rates in the Bronx remains a critical goal.

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