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Food Pantries, Turkey Drives Becoming Essential For Hungry Families in South Bronx


Food insecurity is a critical issue in the South Bronx, with 1 in 5 residents experiencing it, the highest rate in the nation. Community groups and elected officials have been conducting food drives and turkey giveaways to help families during Thanksgiving. Despite these efforts, food pantries are facing challenges due to a lack of funding and staff. The Bronx’s high food insecurity rate affects various age groups, including children, working adults, and older residents. Studies show that food insecurity has severe consequences, leading to language, motor skills, and behavioral challenges in children, and increasing the risk of chronic diseases in adults. During the pandemic, the number of people experiencing food insufficiency in New York State dropped significantly, coinciding with increased federal spending on food assistance programs like SNAP. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced further benefits for SNAP participants to address food insecurity in the state. The Bronx Rising Initiative, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to providing and distributing critical resources across the Bronx to help combat food insecurity in the area.

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