At the root of violence is poverty. Oyate Group believes that to reduce violence, we need to meet the resource needs in underserved communities. By targeting the cause of violence, we can make our streets safer.

Gun Buybacks

Oyate Group understands that in underserved and therefore unsafe communities a gun can be a resource. To reduce gun violence, we must replace that resource with a more productive and useful one.

We partner with local District Attorneys and the NYPD to host gun buybacks across the city, giving participants up to $500 in prepaid cash gift cards per weapon turned over.

Our December 2022 gun buyback in Brooklyn was the most successful gun buyback in New York City’s history, with over 206 guns collected in exchange for over $60,000.

Since 2021:

Guns removed from New York City streets.
Provided in direct cash resources to the community.

In The News

Brooklyn gun buyback program collects a record total of guns.

New Yorkers Turn in 78 Guns at Harlem Buyback Program

Bronx Hails Gun Buyback Program a Success.

Community Group Partners with Government Officials...

Supporting our community
organizations on the frontlines!

“Our team has worked with various nonprofits in different capacities over the years; we know the hardships they deal with each day, and we know they are undoubtedly going through the most trying of times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their funding continues to be cut, and now more than ever, they need our help to stay operational. Oyate Group was founded to help uplift and support the community, and that means supporting the organizations that help and uplift us every day.”

​~ Tomas Ramos,
Founder of Oyate Group