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$5,000 Scholarship: Opportunity for Bronx Seniors Headed to College in Honor of Brandon Hendricks

Applications for the third annual Brandon Hendricks Scholarship are now open! Ten college-bound Bronx high school seniors will win $5,000 each to use toward their education.

Applicants must be from the Bronx and must be graduating seniors headed to college. The application includes written statements reflecting on Brandon’s life and detailing how applicants hope to use their education to improve the quality of life in the Bronx.

Two years ago, we at the Oyate Group created the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship in honor of an incredible young man we knew personally. Brandon was a shining star in the Bronx and a natural-born leader. He was headed to college with a full scholarship and was determined to use his education to transform his community for the better.

When Brandon lost his life to senseless gun violence in 2020, we decided we had to keep his passion alive. The Brandon Hendrick Scholarship was created to carry out his vision for a better Bronx by enabling young folks in the community to get an education and make their impact. Since the scholarship’s founding, 15 incredible young Bronxites have won the scholarship and are currently pursuing their education.

All of our young folks in the Bronx can be a force for change, if only given the opportunity. The Brandon Hendricks Scholarship can be just that. If you know any high school seniors who were recently admitted to college and plan to attend in the fall, please share the scholarship with them!

We rise together,
The Oyate Team

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