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Slain High School Athlete Memorialized


Brandon Hendricks, the talented basketball player tragically shot and killed in June 2020, was recently memorialized at the corner of Melrose Street, where he grew up. Last week, an intersection near his former home in Andrew Jackson Houses was co-named “Brandon Hendricks-Ellison Boulevard” in his honor. Bronx Borough President nominee Vanessa Gibson, anti-violence groups, elected officials, NYPD officers, and Hendricks’ family came together to commemorate him on what would have been his 19th birthday. The Bronx Rising Initiative established a scholarship named after Hendricks, offering $5,000 to 10 college-bound high school seniors to honor his memory and inspire others.

Brandon’s tragic death served as a catalyst for his family and community to advocate against gun violence. His mother, Eve Hendricks, became an outspoken advocate and stressed the importance of providing young people with positive opportunities, such as mentoring, jobs, and safe spaces, to prevent them from becoming victims of their circumstances. Despite the pain caused by his loss, the posthumous accolades and scholarships bring both pride and sorrow to the family as they strive to ensure that other parents don’t have to endure the same grief. The NYPD arrested a suspect, Najhim Luke, in connection with the case, charging him with murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon. Brandon’s memory continues to motivate and inspire his former teammates and coach, who remember him for his character and determination both on and off the basketball court.

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