Published On: May 20, 20217.8 min read171 words

The ‘Brandon Hendricks Scholarship’ is Now Available for High School in the Bronx


The Bronx Rising Initiative is offering the Brandon Hendricks scholarship, valued at $5,000, to high school seniors from the Bronx who have been accepted to college. The scholarship program was launched in honor of Brandon Hendricks, a highly accomplished student and athlete who tragically lost his life on June 28, 2020, just days before his 18th birthday. Hendricks had triumphed over the challenges faced by many in his South Bronx neighborhood and was a point guard and captain of the James Monroe Eagles basketball team. He had been accepted to attend St. John’s University with a full scholarship before his untimely death.

The scholarship aims to motivate and support Bronx youth in completing high school and pursuing higher education opportunities. Applications for the scholarship are open until May 31, and the winners will be announced on July 7. The initiative hopes that this opportunity will inspire more young individuals to strive for success and make positive contributions to their community, just as Brandon Hendricks did during his life.


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