Published On: March 31, 20226.8 min read149 words

The only logical choice: anti-vaxxers who changed their minds on Covid vaccine

The Guardian

Nearly one-third of US parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children against Covid-19, creating a growing problem of vaccine hesitancy. Some parents, like Alexis Danielsen, were once vaccine skeptics but had a change of heart. Back to the Vax, a support group founded by former vaccine skeptics Lydia Greene and Heather Simpson, aims to provide evidence-based answers to help families overcome hesitations about vaccines. Vaccine hesitancy can be influenced by poor experiences within the healthcare system, leading to a lack of trust in medical professionals. Overcoming this hesitancy requires open communication, understanding, and building relationships with healthcare providers. Women, who make about 80% of healthcare decisions for families, often face pressure to make perfect decisions, including vaccination choices. Addressing concerns through accurate information on social media and fostering supportive relationships with medical professionals can help increase vaccination rates and combat vaccine hesitancy.



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