Published On: May 20, 20218 min read177 words

Trying to Reach Unvaccinated New Yorkers


The pace of vaccinations in New York City has slowed down in recent weeks, as demand dwindles and hesitancy persists, particularly in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods. While 59% of adults in the city have received at least one dose, the vaccination rates are significantly lower among Black and Hispanic communities, with only 33% of Black adults and 42% of Hispanic adults having received a dose. The racial disparities are partly due to varying levels of access to healthcare and vaccine distribution, but skepticism about vaccine safety also plays a significant role in hesitancy. Many individuals cite concerns about potential side effects and a belief that the vaccine was authorized too quickly. City officials have launched outreach campaigns, including door-to-door visits, encouraging healthcare providers to recommend vaccination to patients, deploying vaccination buses to neighborhoods, and providing funding to community organizations to promote vaccine awareness. Despite these efforts, some people remain unreceptive, choosing to wait or not get vaccinated at all, citing a belief that the vaccine is not necessary or safe.


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