Uptown Rising Partners with Senator Robert Jackson
Published On: December 16, 20218.9 min read195 words

Uptown Rising Initiative Partners with NY State Senator Robert Jackson


The Bronx Rising Initiative was founded in 2020 by Tomas Ramos and backed by the Oyate Group as a response to the pandemic. The initiative aims to provide critical resources to the Bronx community through different phases, including healthcare, hunger alleviation, support for small businesses, and youth development. Since its inception, the initiative has vaccinated thousands of seniors, secured funding for healthcare organizations and small businesses, and started a scholarship fund for high school seniors in the Bronx. With its success, the organization expanded into the Uptown Rising Initiative, focusing on under-resourced neighborhoods in upper Manhattan, specifically Washington Heights and Harlem. Uptown Rising plans to educate the community on healthcare access and vaccines while listening to and addressing residents’ concerns. The organization aims to be inclusive and serve all of New York City, not just the Bronx. The initiative kicked off with a COVID-19 vaccination event in partnership with New York State Senator Robert Jackson in Washington Heights and plans to hold another vaccination and flu shot event in Harlem. Their mission is to offer forward-thinking and innovative responses to crises and provide assistance to working-class communities.

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