About Us

Oyate Group is a New York City-based nonprofit organization with the mission to alleviate poverty. We believe that in the financial capital of the world, no one should be suffering or left behind. We aim to close existing gaps in services and resources by directing the city’s abundant resources to those in need. Our organization is made up of folks from the communities we serve, leading to deeper trust and credibility in our services to those we reach.

Our Mission

The origin of the word ‘Oyate’, is derived from the Dakota language, meaning “people.” The mission of the Oyate Group is to serve “The People.” We are a 501(c)3 and our mission is to alleviate poverty by a three-prong strategy: first is to educate and inform, the second is to provide resources and services and lastly to create sustainable and holistic structures to empower our underdeveloped communities all across New York City.