Our Culture

Our organization is made up of folks from the communities we serve, leading to deeper trust and credibility in our services to those we reach.

Oyate Group’s work has only scratched the surface of what the city needs, but with the help of engaged community leaders and its passionate staff, the organization will continue to uplift everyday lives and ensure no one gets left behind.

Immigration Attorney

Oyate Group seeks an experienced immigration attorney with a JD and New York State Bar admission. The role involves advising on immigration issues, handling legal research, filing immigration petitions, and representing clients in court. Strong knowledge of U.S. immigration laws, excellent research, and communication skills are essential. Fluency in multiple languages is advantageous. Commitment to client advocacy is key.

Program Coordinator

Oyate Group seeks a dynamic Program Coordinator/Outreach Specialist to drive our outreach efforts and program management. This role involves planning, organizing, and executing operational duties. We’re looking for someone highly organized, detail-oriented, and adept at collaborating with diverse teams. If you also possess skills in program development and human resources support, we would be eager to connect with you.

Get to Know Our Team

Supporting our community
organizations on the frontlines!

“Our team has worked with various nonprofits in different capacities over the years; we know the hardships they deal with each day, and we know they are undoubtedly going through the most trying of times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their funding continues to be cut, and now more than ever, they need our help to stay operational. Oyate Group was founded to help uplift and support the community, and that means supporting the organizations that help and uplift us every day.”

​~ Tomas Ramos,
Founder of Oyate Group