About Rise Leadership

Rise Leadership is Oyate Group’s leadership program for rising high school sophomores and juniors that runs throughout the school year. Rise Leadership inspires participants to become creators, critical thinkers, community leaders and social change makers.

Rise Leadership

Participants learn leadership skills through arts and civic engagement or design and technology. By the end of the school year participants will have learned to identify/exemplify qualities of a leader, gain a stronger sense of self and learn about careers related to their interests.

Program Tracks

Participants meet once a week in small cohorts after school and choose one of two tracks.

  • Arts and Civic Engagement
    Explore social issues through visual art, local events, media and culture.
  • Design and Technology
    Begin to learn and use cutting-edge technology and digital design tools.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must be rising high school sophomores or juniors
  2. Applicants must be available to meet after school once a week in The Bronx.
  3. Applicants must have a valid passport to participate, as international travel is a core part of the program.

Student Outcomes


Students learn skills to produce high quality artwork that is socially relevant, with the aim of impacting and changing their communities and greater society.

Academic Self Efficacy: 

Creative problem solving through art and technology encourages a culture of questioning and critical inquiry. The process also sets clear goals with an expected outcome that builds confidence and motivation for school participation and attendance.


Students learn a sense of purpose, construct group identity, have a sense of belonging and opportunities to learn more about the world.

Critical Consciousness:

Students become researchers, they learn how to engage with their peers and the larger community. This process of meaningful learning and exploration of thematic issues strengthens students’ ability to better understand their lived realities and tell their own stories.