Published On: August 23, 20235.8 min read128 words

Bronx-based paid internship gives undocumented high school students the ability to work

CBS New York

A unique program called Beyond Rising in the Bronx is offering undocumented high school students an opportunity to gain technological skills while getting paid. Run by the nonprofit the Oyate Group in partnership with Lehman College, this internship allows students who often face barriers due to their immigration status to legally work in a professional environment. The program aims to provide access to resources and workforce development skills for young undocumented individuals. Currently, it serves 45 students with a weekly stipend of $500 in gift cards. Beyond Rising plans to expand its availability year-round, with applications opening in mid-fall for interested students. This initiative has the potential to benefit entire communities and provide opportunities for undocumented youth in New York City.

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