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Foundations Aim to Persuade Americans to Get Vaccinated

Philanthropies are investing millions of dollars into programs aimed at persuading vaccine-hesitant Americans to get their COVID-19 shots. The CDC Foundation, supported by private donors, has provided $32.7 million to over 150 community-based organizations across 38 states since June to promote vaccination. While conversations with family and friends have played a significant role in changing attitudes towards vaccination, different approaches are being taken by foundations as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In the Bronx, the Bronx Rising Initiative conducts street outreach, engaging with individuals and addressing their concerns about the vaccine. They offer incentives like gift cards and administer shots on the spot. Trust is identified as a crucial factor in vaccine acceptance, particularly in communities where healthcare has not been prioritized. The Oyate Group has invested $2 million in the initiative, with a significant portion allocated to support community-based organizations in five major U.S. cities to combat misinformation and improve vaccine access. Additionally, funds will be used to address global confusion surrounding vaccines.

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