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How a Bronx summer jobs program prioritizes undocumented youth


Beatriz, a 17-year-old undocumented student, faced challenges in finding an internship due to her immigration status. Her lack of a social security number made most opportunities inaccessible. She learned about an internship through Beyond Rising, an initiative by Oyate Group, which supports undocumented students. Beyond Rising provides a paid five-week internship to undocumented youth, focusing on career readiness and skills training. Students work in administrative offices at Fordham University and Lehman College while engaging in mentoring, resume preparation, and field trips. This program addresses the unique challenges faced by undocumented students and empowers them to create resources like pamphlets for unaccompanied minors and a website for female asylum seekers.

Beyond Rising emerged in response to the absence of opportunities for undocumented students in New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program. With 11,000 undocumented teenagers in NYC public schools, Beyond Rising strives to offer specialized resources. Students receive a stipend of $2,500 through prepaid debit cards and undergo career-focused training. The application process is designed to be accessible, taking into account language barriers and academic obstacles. Beyond Rising prioritizes building a supportive community for these students, providing a safe space for learning, art, and personal growth. Through initiatives like Her Migrant Hub and pamphlet creation, students like Beatriz are empowered with knowledge about their rights and the ability to help their communities.

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