Published On: June 9, 20218 min read175 words

New York To Relax COVID Restrictions Once 70% Of Adults Receive 1st Vaccine Shot


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted once the state reaches a vaccination rate of 70%, which is close to being achieved. Once the milestone is reached, most restrictions, including capacity limits, social distancing, and health protocols, will be relaxed. However, certain settings, such as large venues, schools, public transportation, hospitals, and nursing homes, will still require adherence to COVID-19 rules.

To address the lower vaccination rates in certain communities, organizations like the Bronx Rising Initiative have been actively working to educate and encourage vaccination. The Bronx Rising Initiative was established in response to the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on the borough and has been going door-to-door to provide information and promote vaccine acceptance. While overall, 45% of New York City residents have been vaccinated, the rates are lower among Black and Hispanic residents, with only 25% and 31% fully vaccinated, respectively. Efforts like those of the Bronx Rising Initiative aim to change hearts and minds and increase vaccination rates to protect communities and return to normalcy.


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